mount whitney climb and ski

by bran

april - 2018

lone pine, ca

in the spring of 2017 i had climbed the classic mountaineer’s route with my dad.  we had a great day in the mountains, summiting in beautiful weather, but our goal of skiing the line was stymied a by not-yet-consolidated snowpack in couloir.  with this task left incomplete, my motivation to return was high.  after a week of high pressure and freeze/thaw in feburary 2018, it seemed like green light to return to the route. 

with a light pack and the first third of the route passable in trail runners, the climbing went quickly.  i found myself on the summit seven hours after leaving the car.  after downclimbing five hundred feet of snow and rock, i clicked in for a super exciting ski run.  my timing wasn’t perfect, with some sticky slush to manage at the top of the line.  once out of the top section tho, i enjoyed ideal corn all the way down from 13k’ to 9k’.  it would turn out to be one of my only ski mountaineering days of the 2018 season due to an onslaught of work, but it sure was a fantastic day. 

with dad in 2017

with dad in 2017