broken knee

It hurt. Not going to lie. My knee hurts. Unfortunately it is not broken from some epic trip but by my choosing. I went under the knife - i finally took the plunge to get my knee fixed. the surgery went well but my adventurous spirit is not doing well. I spent an entire 4 days sitting on a couch, on pain killers, watching netflix, unmotivated to have any conversation and flat out depressed. Bran has been an amazing care giver. I can't complain. But at the end of the day, I am just down in the dumps. However I am attempting to get excited about life again. Therefore I am creating a list of all things amazing that I am looking forward to next year on our la gran aventura (in no particular order):

1. getting to the summit of mt. rainer and skiing the entire way down

2. yurt trips. period. hut trips. period.

3. ski touring at dawn and then riding the lifts allllll dayyyy

4. sleeping in dc1 with the excitment of the next days adventure

5. bran by my side - always

6. finally getting barrelled at kuta beach 

7. learning spanish

8. swapping leads in yos

9. diving into the sea of cortez for the first time 

10. being the only back country skiers around the whitney portal

11. road tripping across the country trying to catch the next swell or the best pow

12. escaping to the desert when we are cold

13. freedom

14. adventuring through south east asia

15. living in a van in nz

16. getting totally deep pow in the wasatch

17. having home be the road or mountains or hut or car or tent or sleeping bag 

18. boat trips

19. different perspectives 

20. skiing.surfing.climbing.hiking. every day all day