badwater to telescope sufferfest

may - 2015
death valley national park

the sun arrives 10 or so miles into the hike

  • route: badwater to telescope peak
  • mileage/vertical: 20+?/11299ft?
  • elevation: 11,043' (3,366 m)
  • date: 4.10.15
  • time on route: 16 hours?

here are step by step instructions for a pretty cool sufferfest

step1:  drive from la to death valley (5 hours or so) stopping in lone pine to climb a few pitches of sport climbing in the alabama hills.  

addy and bran heading up

step2: park a car at mahogany flats campground in death valley. then get in another car and drive 2 hours to badwater (the lowest point in death valley at 282 feet (86 m) below sea level).  

step 3: camp in the dirt of badwater.  

step 4: set your alarm for 2:30 am

step 5: awake to your alarm at 2:30 am

bnna and crin halfway thru the suffer

step 6: walk with your friends from badwater to the summit of telescope peak (11,043 feet) over the course of 14 hours and 15.6 miles.  

the route ascends from the valley floor mostly cross- country, which is a fun navigation challenge.  at about 10k feet, the route joins a trail for the final mile or two of switchbacking to the summit. 

lots of beauty for a place as desolate as death valley

step 7:  descend 7 miles to the car you left the day before in mahogany flats campground.

step 8: drive back to badwater to get your other car

step 9: drive back to la

what a weekend!  

on the summit of telescope