mellow mammoth weekend

bnna, post surgery

bnna, post surgery

“we have to get out of the city”  

it was agreed immediately.  the last weekend had been a real struggle.  between the pain in bnna’s knee from the previous week’s surgery, and the claustrophobic heat in the apartment that had been the status quo for so many weeks that summer, it was time to move.

fleeing so-cal

with the oppressive heat bearing down on all of southern california, the clear choice was to go north and up.  pre-dawn the next morning we were off up the familiar roads of hwy 395.  the iconic route that sweeps north and south along the eastern flank of the sierra nevada.  

lake mary

after stopping at a favorite haunt in lone pine, ca, the alabama hills cafe we continued north thru bishop to mammoth lakes ca.  at around 8000 ft. elevation, mammoth lakes offers cool mountain air even in the heat of the california summer.   turns out, mammoth is a great place for a mountain adventure even for the marginally ambulatory.  here’s some fun things we found to do:

minaret summit

4x4 roads southeast of mammoth mountain

  • renting a canoe and paddling all over lake mary
  • hitting up the mammoth brewing company for some microbrew tasting (marginal) and lunch (pretty solid)
  • driving up the minaret road past the ski resort to scope out the views of the minarets
  • exploring a maze of 4x4 roads southeast of mammoth mountain.  this proved to be a great place to camp for free en route to yosemite a few weeks later. 
  • splurging for a room at the sierra nevada resort and spa (turns out hot tubs feel great on a recovering knee)