the rock rack

here's what we might bring for a day of cragging in joshua tree, or maybe up a multi-pitch on tahquitz or in the sierra.   always a work in progress.  gear is so rad. 

get. the. gear. 

  • 10 alpine draws - bd dyneema shoulder length slings with petzl spirit carabiner 
  • 5 quickdraws 
  • 1 set of dmm offset nuts - these things are so useful 
  • doubles bd c3 cams - green thru yellow (singles for the multi-pitch)
  • doubles bd c4 cams to #3 (singles to #2 for multi-pitch)
  • mammut 8.7 serenity dry rope 60 m - light and fast!
  • pair of bd atc guides
  • 5 petzl attache locking carabiners 
  • 8 bd dyneema double shoulder length slings with 1 petzl spirit carabiner each
  • black diamond bod harness - bnna 
  • black diamond aspect harness -bran